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  • Graphic Design
    Graphic Design If you need it to look good and you need it quickly, I can help.
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  • Web Design
    Web Design A website is crucial to most businesses. As important as it is to have your physical building looking nice, so should be your virtual place of work.
  • Powerful Scripts
    Powerful Scripts All to often your IT group is stuck doing repetitive tasks. Whether it is that report that email out every week, or that server that needs to be restarted everyday, I can help you automate it.

Web Design

Designing Websites is an art, and a passion. I've been building web pages for long enough that I remember how hard it was to design pages that looked similar using just CSS back in the early 2000s. Nowadays, sites are designed using databse driven engines. This is method of choice. Easy to manage, and easy to change the content.

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  • Wireless Wireless networking does not have to be the expense that so many claim. Open source firmware can turn consumer grade routers into professional, reliable, and fast wireless hotspots.
  • Squid Proxy Server Squid is an open source and powerful proxy server. This server can be used to filter out content, speed up browsing through caching, and stop malware from getting to your browsers.
  • Security Intrusion prevention testing can stop the headaches before they happen. Bots are constantly scanning the internet looking for an opening to your systems.


Intrusion Prevention

Testing via the Metasploit Framework, gives users a clear idea of the dangers lurking inside their network. A report is generated giving explanations and tips on how to tighten up security...

This service is a must if your organization is remotely concerned about Information Security.

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